Welcome to The Official Website of Pedoquasphere International Limited

Pedoquasphere International Limited is an indigenous and multi-purpose company established in year 2002 with the sole aim of providing Consultancy and General Contracting Services. Though established as a family company, Pedoquasphere has over the years grown with a big reputation for friendly, professional service and high quality project delivery. This growth has led to the diversification of the company into many other key sectors where her services will sustainably impact the society. The company is currently structured into three key areas of services which are;

  • PEDO Environmental Consultancy
  • PEDO Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services
  • PEDO Design and Construction Services.

Under The environmental department of Pedoquasphere, the company renders environmental consultancy Services as well as supply services, under the PEDO ICT department, the company renders Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services, while the PEDO Design and Construction department of the company carries out building design, construction, supervision and engineering contracting services. For over a decade, the company has rendered these services to government, corporate bodies, institutions and individuals.

Vision Statement

To deliver quality and standard services that adds value to man and the society.

Mission Statement

To provide a sustainable environment for a better society

Our Core Values

Honesty, sincerity of purpose and undeniable proofs of sound moral rectitude has remained the hallmark of Pedoquasphere International Limited.